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To book a tattoo, please fill out the form below.

I work out of Outlaw Country Tattoos at 6103 North Street in Halifax by appointment only. The shop is closed on Mondays and I only work select days on weekends.

To secure your appointment and for me to commence drawing I require a non-refundable deposit of $50. This will be taken off the cost of your final piece. All prices given are ESTIMATES only - please be prepared to pay more than what I quote in case the tattoo takes longer than anticipated. There is a shop minimum of $100 +tax.

I read forms on a first come/first serve basis, however preference will be given to those requesting flash (pre-drawn designs) or custom pieces in-line with my style.

I show designs the day before your appointment so you know what to expect and there’s time to make small changes.

You must be 18 years of age to be tattooed, and a valid photo ID must be presented at the time of your appointment. Sorry, no exceptions.

We’re a rather small shop! Due to space and health and safety reasons, if you’d like someone to accompany you to your appointment I’m only able to accommodate 1 additional person.


  • I concentrate on custom work and my own flash. All of my designs are tattooed only once. In the case of pals/partners/family I’m happy to give matching tattoos!

  • I’m no longer tattooing the upper inner arm between the elbow and the armpit. Front of arm, outside and back are great!

  • Deposits are for the agreed upon date and design concept. Deposits are non refundable but are transferable if notice is given more than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. If a new appointment is not booked at the time of rescheduling, your deposit will be void. 

  • If you change your mind and no longer want your original requested tattoo anything drawn will automatically become flash and you may lose your appointment time.

  • It may take some time to receive a response from me. I do my best to get back to everyone as soon as I can, but it could be up to a week to receive a response.