ear bone

I have a habit of taking photos of objects with my iphone with the intention of drawing them later. despite working in a print shop, I rarely print the photos and instead choose to work directly from the 4" screen. constantly going from tiny to large has no doubt sculpted the way I draw, as I actually find it rather difficult to draw true to size when using any source imagery. I find the reduction and expansion of visual source material is quite intriguing, exemplified by this drawing of a whale's (perhaps a great blue!) ear bone. big to small to big to small to.



break and entry

a sketch of a broken window from a past home in which I lived. the cause of the crack? the understandable desire to just go to bed after a late night out combined with the inevitable mistake we'll all make at least once in our lives: forgotten house keys. I just read an article about kiosks in new york that replicate your house keys for those sorrowful times when you get locked out. if only one of those had been outside our dwelling in this time of need. though, if that were the case, I wouldn't have been able to create this drawing.


Source: http://www.keyme.net/